Gemolithos Helps

We created a new line with simple, wearable jewelry, in modern design, made in 925 silver, in high precision cut stones and fine craftmanship that gives fun and make you happy every day. Every piece comes with a small card indicating that a percentage of every sale goes to charity under: GEMOLITHOS HELPS. Gemolithos helps children primarily in need to have an education all over the world. Wherever possible, pictures are taken with their donation. As a THANK YOU, we receive, a big smile, a flower, a letter… something more valuable than anything in the world.
Confuzius citate

We are very pleased that Gemolithos Ioannis Alexandris has taken over three project sponsorships at the Christian-liebig secondary school. Thanks to the recipients comes from the heart and with a good malawi smile!

The generous donation guarantees the students their place in the mädchenwohnheim and contributes to the daily warm meal of all students.

2017 October, a computer given to a girl in Sri Lanka, we have been informed that all the children of the family share it. The joy of seeing those happy faces is immense

Ioannis Alexandris